The first owner, a retired Major and friend of Lord Rootes attended the Earls Court Motor Show and possibly helped by this connection managed to secure one of the early examples. It is reputedly one of the Earls Court show cars, and the first Stag delivered to the Isle of Man where it resided for 43 years (apart from being driven to The French Riviera on numerous occasions in the early to mid- 1970’s). In 1976 the car was traded-in at the island’s Fiat dealership and bought by the second owner (who had coincidentally witnessed the car’s delivery to the island), and he ran it locally until selling directly to us in 2014. The interior was, and remains pristine and original, the original soft-top (with quarterlights) still supple and excellent. We repainted the car only due to some age-yellowing of the original finish, but it was exceptionally corrosion free- a comment qualified later. Since then the car has been in a private collection, although driven a further 1,000 miles bringing the total to 44,000 since new. Mindful of the Stag’s sensitivities, a precautionary renewal of perishables, replacement of thermostat/ radiator flushing etc was carried out in 2014 and again recently- it has not been modified. Pathe footage of the 1970 Motor Show only appears to confirm Triumph’s display of white Stags, and the dispatch date of this car just precedes the event. Unusually this car has never been coated with underseal-  a characteristic of factory show cars which makes to corrosion-free survival of this car all the more astonishing with its underside remaining just lightly painted in red oxide as the detail photographs on our web site show. The condition of this three owner car is remarkable, and aficionados will recognise it as a very early Mk 1  (chassis 360).

1970 Triumph Stag Mk 1 – 44,000 Miles – Sold