Extract from the 1997 press release reproduced with the kind consent of  “Ideas International Ltd”

Jaguar and Daimler cars of the 1960’s are amongst the most famous design icons of this period. For the last three decades, these classic cars with their rounded graceful lines have turned heads wherever the appear. Their unique styling combined with superlative luxury and dynamic performance have inspired a generation of passionate devotees and remain influential in today’s designs.
This new book fully describes every production model from that important decade and supporting the narrative is a gallery of stunning, previously unpublished colour photographs.
For the enthusiast this new book is a must and for those for whom a Jaguar or Daimler has only been a distant daydream, this appreciation will enliven their interest in these classic cars.
Robert Hughes enjoys a world class reputation as a purveyor and restorer of Jaguar and Daimler cars. His enthusiasm stems from a life long fascination with the marques. An acknowledged authority on models of the 1960’s, he is frequently consulted by film and television company’s, journalists and fellow admirers for his extensive knowledge on the subject.

Published in 1997 by Blandford.

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