May 2024
Hi Robert
Nearly a year since I purchased the Silver Spirit from you.
Just been in for service and MOT.
All good.
The car has behaved as a Rolls Royce should.
Again, many thanks for the excellent customer service you provided a year ago.
I wish you and your family all the best for the future.

Kindest Regards
G.S.   Lincolnshire


G.S. Lincolnshire

August 2023
Hi Robert,
Just wanted to let you know I am so pleased with the car.
Many thanks
Mrs J.H. Sutton Coldfield
Mrs JH. Sutton Coldfield

March 2023

Hello Robert
Just a quick note to say how very pleased I am with the Jaguar!!
Best regards
GC, Devon

GC, Devon

July 2022

Good evening Robert and thanks for your time on Thursday evening.
The drive up to West Linton was as expected, without incident and most enjoyable.
The car is everything as you described and more.
It will be very well cared for over the next few years.
Once again, many thanks.

T.R. West Linton, Scotland

May 2022

Morning Robert,
Hope you are all good, just to say thank you for sending paperwork through on the coupe.
So refreshing to deal with someone that does what they say they will do. Once again many thanks you all your hard work in getting the car up to such a high standard.

N.W. Worthing Sussex

March 2022
Subject – Green Jaguar S Type
Good news!
This morning bought four new tyres. Several people in the garage admired the car and could not get over its age and condition..a good feeling for me.
I will report again early next week but I think I will be able to say it’s what I expected from the car and I am happy to keep it.
Tks Robert for all your help .. much appreciated.

PH Cheshire

December 2021
“Thank you so much. It is indeed a pleasure to do business with you. There are far too few gentlemen left in the car business. “
“Thank you once again for your outstanding service and diligence . I will be recommending you to anyone looking for a car”
(two e mails received)

AJ New South Wales, Australia

Hi Robert ,
I was looking through your website and saw a few pictures of my Jaguar Mk2 3.8 I bought from you in I think 1985 in Weybridge ! You also had an Old English White S Type with Red Interior which I looked at  as well.
I kept the car for 3 years and spent some money further improving it including a lot of rechroming etc and did well at a few JDC and JEC  concours events and eventually sold it in August 1988 to buy a Pre- war car . I sold it to a dealer in Bromley Kent and he sold it to a chap in in North London …..
Looking at the DVLA website I believe it was exported .
We still have a Jaguar …a 2003 Jaguar XK8 Convertible !!
Best Regards

DS, Sussex

Hi Robert ,
I was looking through your website and saw a few pictures of my Jaguar Mk2 3.8 I bought from you in I think 1985 in Weybridge ! You also had an Old English White S Type with Red Interior which I looked at  as well.
I kept the car for 3 years and spent some money further improving it including a lot of rechroming etc and did well at a few JDC and JEC  concours events and eventually sold it in August 1988 to buy a Pre- war car . I sold it to a dealer in Bromley Kent and he sold it to a chap in in North London …..
Looking at the DVLA website I believe it was exported .
We still have a Jaguar …a 2003 Jaguar XK8 Convertible !!
Best Regards

DS, Sussex

January 2021
Dear Robert,
You probably won’t remember me but I bought a 1978 dark red XJ6 from you in 2006 as a practical car to use with an NSX. You had found it in the Barbican – where it still is. It has been off the road since 2011 because of AED trouble but will be back on the road with a new Burlen unit tomorrow. Has still only done 38400 miles (31,000 in 2006). The garage called it “exceptional – as good as anything” and “a gem”. I was thrilled. I told them it had come from you. It’s the car I have owned the longest. So a great buy and I wanted to thank you – even after such a long time. Hope business is going well
With best wishes

SC London

January 2021
Dear Robert,
You probably won’t remember me but I bought a 1978 dark red XJ6 from you in 2006 as a practical car to use with an NSX. You had found it in the Barbican – where it still is. It has been off the road since 2011 because of AED trouble but will be back on the road with a new Burlen unit tomorrow. Has still only done 38400 miles (31,000 in 2006). The garage called it “exceptional – as good as anything” and “a gem”. I was thrilled. I told them it had come from you. It’s the car I have owned the longest. So a great buy and I wanted to thank you – even after such a long time. Hope business is going well
With best wishes

SC London

November 2020
Hi Robert,
That’s fantastic, I really appreciate how you have made me feel through this transaction, you were brilliant and thank you so much for all the documents and pictures You have forwarded on. I look forward to picking the car up this week.

RM, Northern Ireland.

July 2020
Hi Robert,
Just a short note to thank you for your excellent service and professionalism with the XJS Celebration Convertible.
The car is exactly how you described and I am very pleased with it.
Thank you and I look forward to us doing some more business in the future.

SJA, Manchester

August 2019
Dear Mr Hughes,
The car arrived in perfect condition as planned at 1pm. She is now safe at home and it drives beautifully. I greatly appreciated this transaction and your professionalism! Thank you!

PJ, Paris, France

January 2018
Hi Robert
Was just this minute about to email you to say the car is fabulous , so elegant in those colours , I really like it very much indeed ! Thank you so much for all your trouble

IL, Truro, Cornwall

October 2017
Hi Robert – hope you are well.
Just wanted to drop you a line and say that he XJ12 has been a treat to own for the first year.
Roughly 1,000 trouble free miles and a trip to Windsor for the JEC Royal bash including a parade slot.
Sailed through the MOT and has been an all round lovely experience – I honestly believe I won’t ever sell it.
I keep an eye on the website – next cab off the rank will be either Stag/TR6 or MGB GT V8 but that’s a year or so off yet.

PU, Kent

March 2017
The drive home revealed what a lovely car it is, comfortable and taut with
no rattles etc. great vision and a even nice turn of speed!

CG, Sussex

December 2016

Thank you so much for your expertise, enthusiasm and immense specialist

RF, Suffolk

February 2016

Hello Robert,
Many thanks once again for selling me the Daimler Super Eight. I can’t find fault with it at all so am very pleased. It drives so well, just like my Jaguar XJR, but a bit more refined with regards to interior quality and specification.
Pleasure doing business with you.

GR, Chelmsford, Essex

November 2015

Just to let you know – car passed MOT
The tester remarked that the car was absolutely spotless underneath and looked as if it had just come out of the showroom and he thought it was more like 20k mileage than 55k.

TK, Milton Keynes

February 2015

Hi Christine,
I was recently contacted by Robert Hughes, whom I bought the car from. Robert is one of the most knowledgeable and respected people in the UK (if not, worldwide) in the Jaguar market. He has written books, appeared on TV etc, and is an exceptionally trustworthy person.

CH, Sussex

September 2014

Love the super Eight!
I am blown away by the quality of this car – incredible comfort and so smooth, yet a beast when you want it to be. I am a convert to the power of the seemingly limitless power of the supercharger. Let me know if you come across another low mileage perfect example as I may well be tempted to put one away for a few years while I use this one.   Thanks

MA, Essex

July 2014
Afternoon Mr Hughes
Visited your website for the first time today, looked at the cars in the gallery. On page four is a picture of an old blue Mercedes that I bought from you in 1992.
Thought you might like to know I still have her, she is very good condition and we have just returned from Le-Mans. Thank you for over twenty years of great fun.

BC, London

October 2013

Thank you very much for your time yesterday, it was much appreciated.
It is hard to believe it is almost a year since I took delivery of the series 1 XJ6. At the start of this year, my son suggested we take a weekend to Spain in the XJ6. In the space of 3 days, we drove through France, into Spain to Santander to get the ferry back to Plymouth. I was somewhat nervous as I had only had the car for a couple of months and hadn’t got to know it properly. Over that weekend we drove 1,000 mile and the car performed perfectly. I think this reflects your interest in the cars you sell together with driving them before putting them for sale. I have now put a further 1,000 miles on the clock and still have a silly grin each time I get into the driving seat!

WM, Taunton, Somerset

August 2013
Dear Robert,
I hope you are keeping well!
I feel i should drop you just a small note to you to let you know that my BRG S type Jaguar I bought from you,a while ago now,is just an amazing car,and the best car I,ve ever owned.
She’s up to 100,250 miles now,Cornwall twice,South of France,Barcelona,and numerous long UK journeys have been made in smooth style,without a murmur!
Even my wife loves the car,and she’s pretty fussy when it comes to a smooth ride!
I keep the car up to scratch,and probably has more oil changes than she should,but it’s a pleasure to get it done!

BH, Byfleet. Surrey. Purchased from Robert Hughes 1987, 1989 and 2011

May 2013
“Collected car today, everything is fine- love the new wheels! It drives really well and looks very smart. Thanks so much for finding it for me”

LH-D, Peterborough

April 2013
The car is still behaving well and gives me great pleasure!

DH, Dublin

September 2012
Thank you again for your superb attitude and patience in seeing us through this purchase and for your generosity in giving us one of your books.
Anyone else would have probably treated us so indifferently. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and I am sure we will get immense pleasure from the car.

K and C Rouse, Near Bergerac, France

August 2012
I just thought that you would like to know that this car won the best in show in the MKI/II category at the JDC National Day at Rockingham Castle yesterday. Sue and I went to the show with some old friends just for a day out and were persuaded to enter the competition by the MKI/II register official. It’s really not something I would normally consider doing but just for a giggle did it anyway. The judges were
most complimentary about the car, particularly the shut lines. Keep an eye out in the next JDC magazine since there may be a photograph of the car in the write up about the show.

DP, Rugby

July 2012
The Daimler has arrived and in better condition than I expected and has certainly met all my expectations. Can’t wait to have it registered so I can drive it more freely. Just one question when I use a polish on the paint work what should I be using? I will be in London around 17 August I will try to meet with you if possible, thanks again.

LI, Inglewood Australia

June 2012

I have no doubt we will be doing some more business sooner rather than later!!

MH, Kent

March 2012
We are very much enjoying the car! I stayed on in London until Sunday and it being such a beautiful day on Saturday, we went for a pub lunch in the Chilterns in “the new car”. We are really pleased with it. It drives beautifully and it looks lovely.

RS, Kensington, London

December 2011
Robert, many thanks for the extra set of keys, the six is now resident En France and currently behaving itself , thank you also for making the buying process so easy and informative .


November 2011
Dear Robert,
I hope this e-mail finds you well.
The NEC is over and done and I am sure you did do well.
Earlier today I happened to speak to somebody in the trade, who was there on Friday to visit (low profile, small business but good reputation and always quality cars) and he told me you blew the rest of the crowd away. “A massive display of cars, well presented and most impressive”. Gives me the feeling you have taken over the classic car department at the NEC!
Congratulations. Don’t know how many cars you sold ( hope a lot) but you certainly did set the tune, and that’s what it is all about for the deals to be made after the show.

DH, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

March 2011
“…I am totally happy and grateful for your handling of this sale and should you ever need a reference, please do not hesitate to let me know”

RB, Switzerland

Sept 2010
A belated thank you for the work you have carried out on my E-Type. I believe you have fairly assessed the car and brought the weaker areas up to a good standard that matches the overall appearance.
I drove the car approx 250 miles over the weekend and it ran beautifully and didn’t become temperamental in the roadwork congestion around Oxford. I originally intended that my son would drive the car on the return journey from Mickleton, but I enjoyed the outward journey so much that I left him with the S-Type R! Needless to say the car received much comment over the few days. I never cease to be amazed at how well an E-Type performs and how sensational it must have been in the early 1960’s.

SM, Jersey

August 2010
“….we absolutely love the Jaguar and it is much cherished already. I know Charles has enjoyed the very personal and professional way you conducted the sale and exchange, so very best wishes to you for a continuing successful business”.

RP, Royston, Hertfordshire

July 2010
Hello Robert, Just wanted to formally say a big ‘thank you’ for the arrangements you made to accommodate my needs in purchasing the Bentley. It was very nice being ‘collected’ from the station!
The journey home was mechanically eventless, but rather enjoyable after overcoming the initial nerves. We are looking forward to sharing some lovely times together on future expeditions and the odd Sunday lunch out, of course.
If ever you want a reference, or I am able to help in some way, please feel free.

NC, Salisbury, Wiltshire

April 2009
“Many thanks for everything. It’s been a real pleasure doing business and I look forward (economy and good luck depending) on doing more in the future.”

TG, Overton, Hants.

July 2008
“Mr Hughes, A brief note to advise safe receipt of the car. It drives & looks as our discussions & I’m very pleased with it. It truly is a lovely example…… ……… sincere thanks also for the kind gift of the magazine & your book. Your work was a wonderful and most informative initial read & I look forward to revisiting it upon my return to Tullamore.

PJ, Tullamore, Ireland

Just wanted to let you know how things are going with the XJS. Yesterday was her first big outing as I had to drive to Cardiff for a wedding and thought as it was such a nice day why not take the XJS. She performed brilliantly and it was an effortless drive which I enjoyed enormously and had a few admiring glances en route. Driving such a beautiful well preserved example is living up to all my expectations and is far more rewarding in terms of the pleasure it gives than any new car I’ve owned. The history file was really interesting and I will make sure to keep all future paperwork. Just wanted to say thanks for all your help and presenting the car to me in such a beautiful state.


Robert, A note of thanks. I just got back to Nigeria, last night, and wanted to drop you a line saying how much I liked the car. I was fortunate enough to get a couple of fine days and was able to get out in it.
I very much enjoyed the drive and can’t wait for the summer when I am home again. The car was all I expected and I don’t think there can be many in that condition and of that age.
I took my grandson to the beach for a walk and on our return there must have been a dozen people round it – I think it’s that kind of car.
Once again many thanks for all your help, at the moment I can’t imagine ever wanting to change the XK150, but you never know and if I do you should know you will be my first stop.

DFE, Nigeria and Aberdeen

Thank you very much for the work done, the car looks terrific.

TF, Weybridge, Surrey

November 2004
“I would like to thank you personally for all your help and very much look forward to purchasing my next XJS”

R Mc N, Basingstoke, Hampshire

“…the car continues to give me a lot of pleasure. We shall certainly keep in touch.”

SH. Q.C. London.

“Many thanks for taking good care of my car- it is a great pleasure to see it in such good condition whenever I come home.”

JD, Rome.

“I write to express my appreciation for dealing so efficiently with the problem I had with the Jaguar. This certainly enhances the excellent reputation you already enjoy.”

Major BA, East Sussex.

“..the car attracts a great deal of attention wherever it goes and, in particular, favourable comments from those who should know.”

DB, Berkshire.

“I am writing this letter to convey my sincere appreciation of the way you conducted our transaction with regard to the Daimler Sovereign KGL 817J. As you know I restored the car in a semi restored state back in May, and at the time, you outlined the work you intended to do to fully restore the car. You did indeed keep to your word, and carried out the work you outlined. The day I came to collect the car with my brother in law we were both truly impressed by the standard of perfection you had attained since my last visit, also the amount of authentic documentation and service history. I have shown the car at my place of work, to car enthusiasts, only to be greeted by phrases such as ‘she is beautiful’ ‘a real eyecatcher’ ‘whoever restored it must be a perfectionist’ etc. May I wish you every success with your business and hope you achieve your ambitions in the classic car world.

CP, Gloucester.

December 2023

Subject: JAGUAR 3.4 S

Dear Robert,
I received the car today, freshly cleared from customs! She arrived safely and she is in a very good condition;
she drives beautifully. I would like to thank you very much for your kind assistance and co-operation, as well as for letting me have this car.
Rest assured that she will be pampered properly and taken good care of.
Taking this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Prosperous and Peaceful New Year!

Best Regards,
N.T. Athens, Greece


N.T. Athens, Greece

December 2023

Dear Mr Hughes,
My most grateful thanks for your wonderful website presentation which I have just downloaded,
and for all you have so professionally undertaken to find a new home for my late Brother’s
beloved Coupe.
Yours sincerely,
S.M. Isle of Man


S.M. Isle of Man

Oct 2023

Sourced from the legend that is www.roberthughesautomobiles 
ha,ha, you always have the best cars  N.C. London



N.C. London

Sept 2023

Subject: RE: Volvo Amazon
Many thanks Robert . Your customer service was exemplary.  
Yours,  Tony. 
Yorkshire Sept 2023



Tony, Yorkshire

Sept 2023

Hi Robert,
As you are aware, I first contacted you, last April, to advise you that I am a disabled driver with the complication of needing a car supplied with hand controls so it could be zero VAT rated.
Whilst other dealers just said no, this did not deter you.
Following many phone calls and emails, you, driving the car to Peterborough (and back) to the hand control fitters so they could confirm they were able to adapt the car and subsequently delivering to Peterborough for the hand control fitting.
I have now had the Silver Spirit II for a couple of months and I am very happy with it.
The car is just as you described on your website.
I would like to thank you for you’re patience and understanding throughout the purchasing process made very easy by you’re honesty and excellent customer service.
It was an absolute pleasure dealing with you.
I wish you all the best in the future.
Yours sincerely
G.S. Spalding, Lincs



G.S. Spalding, Lincs

May 2023

Dear Robert,
A quick follow up on the XJ6.
I arrived back in the UK this week for the first time since my test drive in
March. Alan had organised for the car to be delivered to my Unit in Olney
and took it out for the first time yesterday for a 50 mile circuit to get
familiar with it and be sure that all was well.
It was actually so magnificent that I felt compelled to drop you this short
I am delighted to have it in the collection.
Thanks for all your help.
Kind regards
JR   (London)
JR. London

Sept 2022

Hello Robert,
We had a great time driving back-thank you so much for a really enjoyable old-car purchase experience, you really live up to your reputation.
Kind regards
RS    Isle of Man    Sept 2022


RS Isle of Man

January 2023

Good evening Robert, the Austin has arrived safe and sound and is now tucked up dry and safe in my barn. To say I’m delighted would be an understatement, I’m over the moon with this one.
I’m so very grateful for your honest and accurate descriptions with regard to the Austin, and many thanks for arranging the faultless delivery. I
would like to ask a few questions with regard to the Bristol 400 which resides alongside the Austin, if that is acceptable, we have precious little history to go with it and zero paperwork apart from the obvious.
Once again, many thanks and kindest regards

A.F. Dorset

December 2022
Just to say I’m very happy with my latest purchase from you and to thank you for your patience with an old man.
PH Macclesfield, Cheshire

Sept 2022

The Bentley is running very well. A man chatted to me the other day, and he was very impressed with its condition and couldn’t believe the low mileage !
CB     Scarborough

CB Scarborough

July 2022
To say we are enjoying the car is an understatement.  What a magnificent, beautifully crafted machine it is.   Exquisite, finely wrought details…I could go on, but you know anyway. 
Thank you very much for selling the Spirit to me: I appreciate what it meant to you to do so.

NS- Yorkshire

May 2021
Subject: Re: Bentley Continental GT
I hope all is well with you.
Just to add to my previous note, what a wonderful car! I don’t know why I haven’t owned one before.
Best wishes

K.N. Nr Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire

April 2021
Just to say thank you for making the transaction so easy and trouble free, and going the extra mile by bringing the car to Exeter for us.
Looking forward to many hours of happy motoring and polishing.

K and D S - Holsworthy, Devon

October 2020
Hello Robert,
I am thoroughly enjoying ownership of the XK8 and it receives lots of compliments.

AN, Sussex

October 2020
Hello Robert,
I am thoroughly enjoying ownership of the XK8 and it receives lots of compliments.

AN, Sussex

December 2019
Many thanks. Just to let you know The car has arrived safe and sound.
It’s been an absolute pleasure doing business with you. Who knows, I may be after expanding the collection some time.

SB, Cumbria

December 2016

Thank you so much for your expertise, enthusiasm and immense specialist knowledge. 
My very best wishes
RF  Suffolk  
RF Suffolk

February 2018
Dear Robert,
Apologies for not getting in touch sooner to say that we are very, very happy with the Seat, it is a lovely car and we are all thrilled with it. It is very easy to drive and goes well, it looks like new and we are very grateful to you for finding it for us!
Thanks very very much for all your help, and thanks to Martin too who brought the car over to us the other Saturday.

LD, Eynesbury, Cambs

November 2017
Just to let you know the Jag arrived no problems, and Tony my father is delighted with the car.We usually attend the NEC every year, but i was busy with work.I have driven it about 30 miles, lovely.
I know the standard of your cars as over the years we have seen them.
Could probably buy the next over the phone, a rare thing these days.

DH, Matlock, Derbyshire

April 2017
Dear Robert,
Having a last-minute browse of the web before bed I chanced upon your articles in Sussex Style. Having enjoyed them so much I have to tell you so, and that they are both beautifully and amusingly written.
I have written a great deal, and was modestly successful with letters to newspapers where the knack is getting as much information as possible into as few words as possible. But not in your class, alas!
Oddly enough I have been thinking of a Rover P5 for some time, partly because of the very comfortable seats with lots of legroom but, these days, also because they must be a great deal easier to get out of than the S3!

IF, Hampshire

February 2017

Hi Robert,
Just a quick note to Thank you again for the professional and honest manner in which you carried out the transaction for the sale of B 727 YUU to me. It is refreshing to know that there are still some people who like to conduct their business in a
decent and friendly manner and who still think of the customer even after the sale is completed. The follow up phone call last night was much appreciated and was another indication of your integrity. I am delighted with my purchase and will
cherish it for many years to come. Thank you again.

FR, Republic of Ireland

September 2016

Hi Robert,
Just had a look at your website. The Daimler looks gorgeous…. you sure took the time and effort to get it to this condition.
Good look with the sale, you deserve it.

SB, Dublin, Ireland

January 2016

We had an easy run back. The car ran beautifully and I am very happy to have added it to our household.
Many thanks for your guidance and expertise- and the copy of your book. I hope we may do business again sometime.

Dr JS, Ilkley, Yorkshire.

November 2015

Good morning

Just a quick e-mail to thank you for your kind assistance in my purchasing of
the Jaguar Sovereign.

Driving her back to Bristol was most pleasurable and she went like a dream. I am looking forward to having many more pleasurable journeys with her.

Thank you again.

Anthony Wilshire, Bristol

AW, Bristol

October 2014

Robert, just to say the Rolls Royce had a week in Paris and was totally
faultless and much admired !

NC, London

July 2014
Dear Robert
I am enjoying the car thank you and everybody I have shown it too is impressed with the condition and my service manager friend at H A Fox Nottingham is having a look at it tomorrow.
You are very welcome regarding the plug on the Forum and I am preparing a piece for the JEC magazine at the request of Nigel Thorley so I will write about the very pleasant experience of purchasing the car from you.

RM, Nottingham

June 2014
Just wanted to say I am very pleased with the XJS, having some great drives out in the good weather.

SB, Suffolk

August 2013
Dear Robert,
I can’t believe it has been almost one year since I collected the black XJ6 series 1 from you. The car has been almost faultless, and I have come to appreciate the driving experience it offers very much. The business of buying a car from you was also a pleasure. I have recently gone through a painful process in purchasing a Lotus Elan of the same vintage, also from a specialist, and it has reminded me of the perils of buying classic cars. By contrast, I would not hesitate to recommend you and the service you offer to anyone.

WF, Paris

July 2013
“…..thank you for your help and time. The Daimler is indeed in excellent
condition throughout and properly maintained!…

GL, Yeovil. Somerset

May 2013
“I would like to add that it’s always a pleasure to visit your website, and I particularly admire your ability to source such super (and well described) examples of the classic models- I imagine that can’t be easy.

MW, Pembrokeshire

25th November 2012
I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the display of vehicles you put on show at this years classic car show at the N.E.C , I visited on the Saturday and thought your display was by far the most interesting. All the cars displayed looked in tip top condition and I was especially impressed with the V12 XJS in Saville Grey. With the grey interior , this car looked in remarkable condition considering it is approx 24 years old !.
I currently own a very rare modern vehicle myself which I am proud to own and cherish , so its good to see you also have a business that seems to care about keeping these classics circulating for many years and helping people also to become proud owners. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing your display at next years show.

MW, West Midlands

September 2012

The Daimler Vanden Plas is doing very well , some 3000 miles on! You sold me a very good car thank you.

BD, Belgium,

July 2012
I love the XJ and keep finding more bells and whistles every time I drive it.

AC, Peterborough

June 2012
Car is lovely, exactly as described. Overall, amazing condition and she runs very well indeed. ….
Thanks again for all your kind assistance, we will be joining the ranks of happy customers coming back again one day.

HF, Exmoor, Devon

May 2012
A very sincere thank you for the fantastic service you provided on the purchase of the Jaguar MkII 3.4.
My son Andrew had a very enjoyable drive from Weybridge to Taunton on Saturday and the car performed perfectly. Your attention to detail in preparing a car and your extensive testing to ensure it drives well are very much appreciated. I am sure we will get much enjoyment from the car and are looking forward to attending Jaguar events with it.


February 2012

Thank you for this wonderful Jaguar 420 G
Our trip to Germany with the car was a fantastic trip. The car ran almost like a new car.
No disturbing noises. Extremely spacious and comfortable. Wherever you look is a feast for the eyes.
The leather is wonderful. The wood almost flawless. The carpets like new. The engine runs very quietly and responds well.
No oil consumption during the journey home (more than 550 miles). Oil Pressure wonderful. The brakes very good, the steering is no slippage.
Ever responsive, all switches and controls as new.

Today the car was at the German TÜV.
We have not changed anything. Just as we were from England, we have brought the car to the TÜV. Only a rubber sleeve, we must renew.
The car has now received the German TÜV!
The 420 G is now in Germany registered.

It was a good idea to buy the car from you.
Thank you also for the book with wonderful pictures.
Can I still buy 2 copies of it? I would like to give away the books at very good friends. Would also be wonderful if you could sign a book for me.
With respect to our visit with you and the acquisition of the Jaguar 420 G.
Thank you very much again for this great car.
We will recommend you to our friends.

JL, Frankfurt, Germany

November 2011
Hello Robert …….You certainly seem to have a knack of sourcing very good cars and I don’t doubt that our paths will cross again in the future. In fact if I had a spare £70k I’d be back to check out that beautiful XK you have for sale.


November 2011
Evening Robert
Hope the show went well over the weekend – a couple of friends who attended the show commented to me on the high quality of the cars on your stand – the series one XJ being particularly commented upon.

MS, Near Birmingham, West Midlands

January 2011
Just to let you know the Jag was absolutely perfect. It drives so very tight and it cannot be any different from the day it was purchased. Fuel consumption, keeping the vehicle at between 65/75mph was 24 miles to the gallon so cannot grumble at that! Many thanks and very pleased with the purchase.

RD, Mallorca, Spain

August 2010
Robert, I felt that I had to write to you to congratulate you on your very professional service that you offer in the purchase of a motor vehicle.
You have a very professional, comforting manner, and your product & mechanical knowledge is the most informed that I have ever encountered.
We are absolutely thrilled with the Jaguar XJ8 that we purchased from you, and we both cannot forget the initial thrill at the beautiful condition of the car when we first saw it, I will have to be very diligent to make sure that the upkeep is to this your standard. Many friends have seen the car and 2 will now be making contact with you to review your range of cars for possible purchases.
Thank you once again for making a dream of a lifetime come true.


July 2010
Hi Robert,
Re- Daimler V8 250 refurbishment
Many Thanks, thus it is a real testament to your good work. Well done.

JV, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

November 2009
Collected the car last Wednesday checked out work all ok. Had a drive too Wexford on Sunday with my Mother, she thought she was the Queen in it, lovely car to drive, thank you for all.

MC, Dublin, Ireland.

January 2009
Just to let you know that I am delighted with my purchase last Friday. The Daimler has been given much admiration over the last few days by family and friends.

DH, Dublin

February 2008
I thought I would drop you a line to say how pleased I am with the Jaguar V8. I have never driven anything like it for its comfort, performance and all round luxury. Quite a remarkable car.

NW, London

March 2007
Dear Mr Hughes, May I thank you for looking after my old friend Mr M. I know that he is very pleased with the Jaguar. I am particularly grateful, as I recommended him.
We have not met but I have been aware of your reputation for some time. Best wishes.

P.M. Kay. Manchester

October 2006
Dear Robert, I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help yesterday with the handover of the keys to B14 XJS. The whole experience of purchase has been a pleasurable one and your investment of time and effort throughout the process has been superb. Your reputation is well earned and a credit to you. I wafted home in true Jaguar comfort last night with a huge smile on my face that not even the awful weather could remove. As I am sure you will have guessed, the car performed beautifully. I am also delighted to report that it did, indeed, fit in my garage, although only just! Thank you also for leaving the copy of your wonderful book in the boot. I have to admit I had no idea it was there but am truly thrilled to have such a superb publication of the marque that I love and will treasure it for many years. Once again Robert, thank you for all your help and I am absolutely delighted to be back in the drivers seat of such a magnificent “Big Cat” once again.

NB, Hilton, Derbyshire

I just wished to drop you a note following the arrival of the 1968 Daimler Sovereign on Wednesday which is a truly splendid example of what is now a rare car. The purchase of a classic Jaguar/Daimler is always an anxious time particularly when so much money is involved. Is the car genuine? If it has been restored to what standard has the restoration been completed? And most importantly is there something nasty lurking beneath the surface? I appreciate that to buy a car from a dealer is always going to be at a premium from that of a private arrangement but with the knowledge that you have sourced and examined the car and see fit to include it in your stock is in itself a great comfort and one that makes the investment far more sensible in the long run. I was very impressed with your stock of cars which are all to a very high standard and as you know I would have liked to acquire the early XJ6 as well had storage and funds allowed! Thank you also for your courteous and efficient manner and for encouraging a full independent expert examination of the Daimler which has made the purchase both straight forward and a pleasure. I hope that in time you will be able to locate another low mileage original car at some time in the future.

RAP, Chelmsford Essex

“Many thanks for the car, which ran back to Kent extremely well….Am going to suggest an article as soon as a new motoring editor is appointed at the Sunday Times..”

JG, Kent.

“….thank you for your help. I am very happy with the Jaguar and love the colour.”

Major JH, London.

“Just a short note to thank you for the complimentary book, which I am enjoying with aplomb. I would also like to take this opportunity to express my utmost satisfaction in buying my Jaguar Sovereign from you. Two thousand miles of bliss have followed our transaction. Your forthright approach to what Jaguar ownership is about is refreshing in a world of ‘experts’ selling this famous marque. It is a pleasure to buy from someone who knows his cars as well as you, foibles and all. I hope this is the beginning of a long future for Robert Hughes cars in Ireland as it is what the Jaguar enthusiasts of this country deserve. I wish you the best of luck with your business in Ireland and would be happy to be used as a recommendation of your product to anyone who would like a reference.”

DM, Co. Wexford.

“As mentioned, just a few lines to express my pleasure with my new ‘arrival’ and to thank you for the courteous and gentlemanly way in which you conduct your business..”

FH, Surrey.

“My wife and I become more delighted with the car with each journey and it may be that some of our friends contact you as they want one as well!”

DS, Cambridge.

Dear Robert,
This letter is to say how very pleased we are with our Daimler Sovereign. It still looks immaculate I’m pleased to say and gives us great pleasure to ride in it.
I hope all went well with the Classic Car Show and you were not too disappointed our car was not in the show.
Thank you for your kind attention and best wishes for the future.
May 1987

PDM, Windsor, Berkshire