Villain’s cars in two episodes of ‘Inspector Morse’  Jaguar XJ6 and Jaguar S Type

‘The Krays’ – Green Jaguar 420G.  A camera fell on the front wing during the fight scene shot outside a grocery shop.

Trotters Van in Only Fools and Horses. The Robert Hughes window sticker is visible in some episodes (click on link).

Daimler Sovereign in ‘The Alan Clark Diaries’ replicating a car he drove.

Jaguar XJS in ‘The Supergrass’ Comic Strip production.

‘Home James’ Grey Jaguar Sovereign. After filming it was exported to Tokyo.

Jaguar Mk 2 used in ‘Class Act’ with Joanna Lumley

Numerous cars used on Frank Butcher’s car lot in Eastenders

A blue Ford Escort we owned which appeared on The Bill, in the final scene of ‘The Krays’ (the mother’s funeral) and for a staged motorway traffic jam with disgruntled occupants in a British Rail commercial

Sir Anthony Hopkins’ Rolls Royce in ‘To be the Best’.

A Jaguar 420G in ‘Waking the Dead’ which was blown up (not really)

Two Daimlers in ‘Metroland’

Austin A35 in ‘Scandal’

Heinkel in ‘Absolute Beginners’

Jaguar S Type which featured in ‘Mr Solitaire’ by Animal Nightlife

Jaguar XJ6 used (and crashed) in Ronan Keating’s ‘If Tomorrow never Comes’

‘Pie in the Sky’- red Jaguar Sovereign (XJ40)

Midsomer Murders- red Jaguar Sovereign Series 3

The replica ‘Arthur Daley’ Daimler competition prize for UK Gold

Company video promotions including Castrol Oil and Adrian Flux Insurance