A model which marked the final phase of the illustrious Mk 2, thus benefitting from significantly improved performance with the straight-port cylinder head and SU carburettors replacing Solex. This became the first sub 3 litre Jaguar to break 100 mph and knocked 4 seconds off the 0-60. Cars with manual transmission had the closer ratio all synchromesh unit and this example has optional overdrive which is effectively a fifth gear. A more genuine and mollycoddled, low mileage and low ownership example would be challenging to find: A Surrey car since new, it was sold to a local doctor and upon his passing in 1976 purchased by Elmbridge Motor Company who were so bowled over by the 8 year old condition, they held on to this car as a display piece in their Tolworth showroom unregistered until 1984. Then sold on to an Epsom based accountant, he treasured the Jaguar for 37 years before selling it to us directly with its authenticated mileage of 63,000 since new. Garaged fastidiously, the car was waxoiled by a specialist many years ago and has always been attended to by bona-fide repair garages for maintenance and MOT’s have been kept up regardless of not being legally necessary. Finished in Warwick Grey with Ambla-Blue upholstery, the paint lustre remains deep and is in near pristine order, while the appearance and aroma of the interior is like travelling back to the 60’s with original radio, carpets, seats and door panels all remaining excellent. The woodwork and chrome is beautifully preserved. Carefully removing heavy waxoiling from the engine compartment (where they never rusted anyway) uncovered magnificently preserved flitches and ancillaries which are all now nicely detailed. The under-side of the car is lovely. Driving as it looks, this is utterly tight and as it should be. Complete with a massive folder of paperwork, this Jaguar is a credit to the last owner.

1968 Jaguar 240 – 63,000 Miles – Sold