This highly specified ‘Portfolio’ edition started life as a Jaguar Director’s car before being sold through Grange dealership at 8,000 miles to a retired gentleman as a cherished pastime interest. Indeed the car looks to have had more time spent cleaning and detailing it than actually driving, as the present mileage is just 15,000 since new. It has been garaged throughout as the pristine, un-faded tan mohair electric hood and suede lining testify. The bodywork is utterly straight and beautiful, the interior fresh and lovely, the underneath remarkable. Importantly, this is the facelift ‘second phase’ with significant enhancements such as the larger 5 litre engine, XF style rotational gear selection for the ZF transmission and subtle visual tidying to light and bumper designs. Finished in Liquid Silver with Ivory Hide. Complete with the original purchase invoice from Jaguar, service bills and exclusively main dealer stamped service record. This is huge value and perhaps one to put away.

Jaguar XK 5.0 Portfolio 2011 Reserved