The 1952 “Royal Mail Van Robbery” in London’s Eastcastle Street was, until “The Great Train Robbery”, Britain’s largest post-war heist for which gangster Billy Hill was thought responsible: The money (circa £10,000,000 by today’s equal) was never recovered despite Prime Minister Churchill’s insistence on daily updates and 1,000 police officers assigned. Security surrounding the transport of mail was tightened and the small “rubber-winged” Minor based Morris launched in 1953 incorporated not just caging, but a state-of-the-art ‘drop bar’ triggered remotely from behind the driver’s seat. A working vehicle now all but extinct, this Central London registered example somehow survived and was exquisitely restored more than a decade ago and has been in a collection since. Complete with mail sacks, dash-mounted post box keys, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, opening driver’s windscreen (fabulous for summertime drives), and occasional passenger chair- these features will fascinate enthusiasts of unique and quirky vehicles. Finished (predictably) in Pillar Box Red with Black upholstery.

1954 Morris Minor Commercial – Reserved