Demand for a luxury cruiser with lesser proportions than the Mk 10 resulted in the miniaturised 420 version, but with a premium price tag and whispers of the impending XJ6, relatively few were sold. Notwithstanding this, they were the most luxurious and refined choice in the mid-size saloon Jaguar stable and therefore a very appealing classic choice today. This particular car changed hands when it was about a year old and remained with the second owner until 2011. A butcher by trade, it was a high-days and holidays purchase. Then disposed of by the family to its next owner who spent a considerable sum on renewing bushes, perishables etc and converting the car to chrome wire wheels- a quintessential sixties Jag trademark. We purchased the car directly from the owner and carried out a back to metal repaint in its stunning original Opalescent Maroon colour due to inevitable dulling of the finish. For the past 8 years the car has been little used as part of a collection and remains pristine. The mileage totals 47,000 from new. The Cream interior is beautiful and completely unspoilt including rare, original carpets still in fine condition. In 2016 we borrowed this car back from the owner so it could be used in a Classic and Sportscar cover article which is archived and can be viewed within our ‘In the Media’ section on the website under ‘Feature Articles’. Remaining in immaculate condition and in one of the finest colour combinations, this is an appealing purchase.

Jaguar 420 1968 47,000 miles £27.500