A car we sold in 1999 and again in 2013 so it is very well known to us. This has been cherished and extremely well maintained as the history file supports, and over the years the car has been subject to a programme of refurbishments to an exacting standard which have not detracted from the authentic feel this Mk 2 possesses. Our client (in 1999) briefed us to supply an unspoilt, straight and genuine, useable ‘big engine’ Mk 2 which could be steadily and sympathetically improved, and we sourced it from renowned ex- Coombes engineer Ken Bell with his seal of approval- a recommendation in itself. Following a couple of years of enjoyment, this new owner removed the engine (preparing the bay to show standard) and had the unit rebuilt by VSE. The brakes were upgraded to Coopercraft specification and having chanced upon a new steering box (rare as hens’ teeth) this was also replaced. Bushes, perishables etc were always kept up to standard, and the story of the refurbishments is catalogued in an interesting and entertaining log prepared by the owner in the form of a story. Cosmetically, the woodwork was re-polished, carpets re-trimmed (tailor made- not a kit) and wool-cloth headlining replaced by ourselves) all of which complemented lovely upholstery which, having been re-leathered in the early 90’s when authentic quality hides were still available, all makes for an excellent interior matched closely to how they were in the day. We stripped and re-painted the car in 2013 prior to selling on to the subsequent owner who has enjoyed it for distance touring and Goodwood. Further enhancements have been undertaken such as re-finishing aspects of the engine compartment, re-wiring the original radio to FM and modern seat belts adapted to period fasteners. Chrome is very good and door rubbers etc are excellent- in fact there are no disappointing aspects. With manual and overdrive transmission and nice early features, the recorded mileage is 91,000. With a well-researched and unhurried programme of refurbishments carried out by a knowledgeable owner who was very active with his local Jaguar club, and a very genuine example (with good panel gaps and correct ride height), this car stands out against the abundance of molested Mk 2’s. Finished In Pearl Grey with Red Leather (rare, optional reclining seats), we have enhanced the car further to show standard.

Jaguar Mk 2  3.4 1961 91,000 Miles £34,750