Produced for Ford by specialist automotive coachbuilders Abbot of Farnham, ED Abbott Ltd, this concours winning rarity was exquisitely restored in the early 1990’s by a fastidious owner who kept it for over 3 decades. It last received a trophy this year. The utmost care was applied to ensure finishes and replacements looked as close to original, which was an easier task then while stocks of parts were more plentiful, and original materials and finishes were still produced. Shortly after the vehicle changed hands 8 years ago to a long-standing client, we asked for first refusal should it ever be sold on and are pleased to have just purchased this special vehicle. It has been further detailed even beyond how it was as the impressive file of invoices within the file support, so it remains slavishly true to how it looked and felt in the early 1960’s, which is near immaculate, but not over-done or any way. Fitted with desirable options such as Borg Warner overdrive and Aquaplane inlet manifold with triple carburetors and 6 branch manifolds, there are also several period add-ons such as reversing light and wireless. Finished in Arundel Grey over Newark Grey with Grey and Off-White upholstery with metalescent piping.

1961 Ford Zephyr Farnham Estate – Reserved