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1978 Daimler Sovereign  12,000 miles from new
1971 Bristol 411  Exceptional history with Bristol


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MG Midget 1500 1980 £10 , 750
One of the last of these iconic little roadsters which epitomised the golden years of affordable sports car motoring. This one was squirreled away until 1987 before being sold with delivery mileage to the last next owner who has cherished it for the last 31 years. A third generation former employee of BL in Abingdon, whose father and grandfather had worked with BMC and Morris previously, this Midget could not have found a more appropriate custodian. To date it has covered just 14,000 miles since new. Freshly Ziebarted before it took to the road, and a period radio fitted, this car has been used for pleasure competing  successfully in concours at MGOC during the earlier years of ownership. From around 2000 however, the car was stored away in a warm integral garage being  started and moved occasionally on private land until 2016 when it returned to the road with hoses and brake parts replaced. We purchased directly from the owner and returning this exceptionally well preserved and authentic Midget to show condition has been a rewarding and pleasurable exercise. The radiator and heater matrix have just been renewed.  Finished in Black which goes best with the rubber bumpers, it has a contrasting Tan interior in mint condition. The hood and tonneau are original and perfect.

Front   Rear   Side   Side2   Front Seats   Dash   Engine


AF Spider 1971 £ 26, 500
A joint venture between Colin Crabbe “Antique Automobiles” who was running a Formula 1 racing team at the time and designer Alexander ‘Sandy’ Fraser. The Spider  was constructed to order in hardwood with mahogany faced marine ply and aluminium (though later cars were fibreglass). Mechanically, the cars were largely Mini based, and this particular car has the power of an Oselli tuned twin carburettor 1275cc engine. Driven 0-60 in under 6 seconds, the AF was quicker than a Porsche 911. It was apparently put through its paces by legendary Ronnie Peterson, lead driver of Crabbe’s F1 racing team. Sandy Fraser was a  Morgan enthusiast which clearly influenced the Spider’s retro appearance, and motoring journals were  very impressed with the Spider in 1971. Motor devoted a three page road test to the AF while Autocar concluded “the most stable and delightful 3 wheeler we have ever driven.” And despite its extreme rarity, AF is acknowledged in Georgano’s Encyclopaedia of Motor Manufacturers.  Of around 7 produced, and a subsequent 5 ‘Grand Prix’ post Crabbe’s involvement, this must be the supreme example being a unique long wheel base prototype, the featured press car and then retained by Colin Crabbe for 39 years. In 2009 this AF was an invited guest at Mini 50th celebration at Goodwood when Sandy Fraser was reunited with it, and Rowan Atkinson took a spin along the track. Colin Crabbe  parted with the Spider in 2010 to a retired (Vulcan) Flight Lieutenant at 5,000 miles, and 2,000 more have been covered since. Following our purchase directly from this owner, the perfectly sound wooden body has been carefully prepared and rejuvenated with 8 coats of marine varnish by notable Starcraft and Riva restorer Terry Dann, who built the iconic Chitty Chitty Bang Bang wooden ‘boat tail’ for the original 1968 film. Whilst being very careful not to over-restore this unique vehicle , the partially exposed engine compartment and ancillaries have been detailed, the custom made boot rack and wheels have been shot blasted and painted. The charming perambulator hood frame has been restored, the fabric  still original and the aluminium bonnet polished. This Spider should appeal to either a Mini or Microcar collector, and with hints of a Gipsy Moth and Slipper Launch about it, this could equally tempt a vintage plane or boat enthusiast. The voluminous history file includes the AF Spider original sales brochure, the original Autocar and Motor features plus other press articles of the period mainly featuring this actual car. The original green log book accompanies the current V5C, there is a 1970’s photograph of the car in Aberdeenshire and Goodwood (2009), and several within a signed hard back copy of  “Thrill of the chase” Colin Crabbe’s autobiography. There are numerous service bills, nice letters from both Sandy Fraser and Colin Crabbe to the second owner, old  MOT’s etc.

Front   Front2   Rear   Rear2   Side   Dash   Engine


Jaguar XK 4.2 Coupe 2006 £ 21,500
There is a stunning pedigree with this exceptionally smart XK Coupe which has been with the original lady owner since new. Having covered a genuine 16,000 miles  in total, the car has been serviced 8 times  by Charles Hurst the original supplying Jaguar dealership, and comes freshly serviced again by main dealer HA Fox who will also health- check it on our behalf. In addition to the stamped service record, there is a folder with other maintenance invoices from Jaguar, so the history is verifiable. Complete with brand new front matching rear premium brand tyres with refurbished 18” alloys, this car can only be described as pristine as befits the incredible low mileage solely with its original owner. Finished in Midnight Black with Black Hide and Aluminium dash, this is a cool head turner, and with a distinctive and valuable ‘dateless’ number plate (on the car since new), this is a car which could easily pass for being half its age and twice its value.

Front   Front2   Front3   Side   Side2   Dash   Engine


Jaguar X Type 2.5 Estate 2004 £ 6, 500
A sought after petrol specification with all- wheel drive and sport trim. We purchased this example directly from the original (lady) owner and it has a well stamped servicing record supporting the genuine mileage which has just clicked over 40,000. The car is everything one would expect from a lightly used, cherished Jaguar with lovely paintwork and spotless interior. These estate versions are sought after in top drawer condition and this one has clearly received much care and attention. Tyres are recent and wheels refurbished. Finished in a very smart combination of Brooklands Green with practical and sporty Charcoal half-hide interior.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash


Daimler Double Six Vanden Plas 1973 RESERVED
There were just 351 Series One Daimlers delivered by the factory to Vanden Plas for their significantly enhanced finishes. These special order cars had a unique range of metallic paint colour options, vinyl roof with chrome finishers and chrome side body flashes. This particular car has the extra cost option of chrome pressed wheels. Inside, the Vanden Plas Daimlers are radically different to standard with highly polished veneer and gold banding, door cappings, sculptured seating, pile carpeting, special door panels and rear reading lamps. All were V12 with air conditioning. This exceptionally special car was with its original owner until three years ago having been little used, and it has recently had an extensive programme of works to return to the road with 2,000 miles covered since, bringing the total mileage to just 32,000 fro new. The bodywork, interior, engine bay and chrome is just incredible, and this could well be the very best surviving example. Finished in Caramel, a vibrant, classic 70’s colour with pristine Chamois Hide.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Front Seats   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine


Rover 3.0 1966 RESERVED
A fine vintage P5 being a Mk 3 with enhanced performance, neater ‘B’ style side trims and sought after specification- automatic with power steering. The classic colour combination of Dark Pine Green with Moss Green ‘House of Commons’ sumptuous Leather upholstery, this has separate front reclining seats, drinks holder to the rear, pull- out tool tray to the front, front head restraints etc. It was produced in days before BL quality short comings affected the Rover range. This lucky Rover has a wonderful early history until the first owner left it to hibernate from the late 70’s through to the 90’s, and once re-discovered the return to road is documented by a Practical Classics feature where the unmolested originality is duly praised. The car was used for pleasure by two subsequent owners until 7 years ago when we first acquired it. Sound, but with jaded paint, we bare-metal stripped the car restoring factory lustre with a full repaint carefully blended to superb, original under bonnet, door jam and inner boot  finishes. There was some re- chroming, show preparation of the engine and careful detailing of the magnificent, original interior. Two subsequent owners (who purchased the car from us) have maintained this Rover fastidiously with reputed specialist garages. A former NEC show car, the genuine mileage is just 59,000 supported by a huge history file. Top drawer P5B Coupes have recently lead the way to greatly enhanced values, so it may be timely to explore the worthy, lesser publicised P5 derivatives before any resulting rub-off in interest leads to lack of affordability. Presently, this would seem astonishing value in the market.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine

Jaguar S Type 2.5 SE 2004  RESERVED
A model which has started to rise a little in value as increasing rarity for the best models is becoming apparent. This petrol V6 SE is an early’05 model which is easily distinguished by the re-styled rear design and more modern instrumentation with distinctive round dials. It has been in the hands of the original owners since brand new and we purchased it directly from the family. Serviced fastidiously with supporting stamps and sundry paperwork, the mileage is just 25,000 since new which, in terms of provenance and condition should ranks it as one of the best survivors. Finished in deep Emerald Green- the classic Jaguar colour with cosseted and unmarked Cashmere Hide. this is a stunning late model S Type in every respect.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine


Jaguar S Type 2.5 SE 2004 £ 6, 995
One of the first (’05 model) with significant styling changes which distinguishes the final phase of this popular model- an entirely re-designed back and new dashboard layout. This particular car benefits from the lower road tax (pre- 06) band. With 13 main dealer service stamps, and just 46,000 miles covered since new, this is a choice example. Finished in Topaz with Cream Hide, the car is in truly immaculate order partly due to a body rust-proofing procedure carried out when it was new. Complete with a high specification, this is good value.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine


Jaguar S Type 3.4 1966 RESERVED
One of the very finest coming to the market in years, this has all the right ingredients as a top drawer example of the iconic rounded 60’s Jags. It was acquired by the housekeeper of the first owner after he passed away in the 1980’s and retained by her family until we purchased it in 2016 with a warranted 43,000 miles covered since new. Owing to a suspect ring, we had the engine stripped and rebuilt with new clutch while any perished bushes etc were renewed. A bare metal repaint was carried out, blending to lovely original finishes under the bonnet and inside the unmolested door shuts. Some chroming was undertaken, the remaining excellent and original. Some sun-exposed wood has been expertly re-polished to match the finish of the remaining original pieces which are perfect.  This car is not over restored or over glossy, and neither does it look tired or worn in any way. Extreme care has been taken to refurbish, as necessary to the authentic finishes, and this is as close to the real Mc Coy as can be realistically found 52 years since this S Type left the factory. Only brand new, but in period chrome wire wheels and modern internals to the original radio deviate from originality. Just 2,000 miles has been covered since the work was completed bringing the total to 45,000. With the most sought after all synchromesh and overdrive gearbox, all quality (pre-quality cut-back) fittings and in the handsome colours of Opalescent Racing Green with Moss Green Hide, this is a rare opportunity.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine


Jaguar X Type 2.5 SE AWD Estate 2004 £ 7, 995
With ‘all-wheel drive’ and petrol specification, these are a refined and good looking option for a practical, compact Jaguar. Low mileage examples are increasingly thin on the ground, and there is a following for these luxury cars. We purchased this one owner example directly from the family and it has covered just 29,000 miles with documented history. Presented to an immaculate standard, this Jaguar is finished in Topaz Metallic with Cashmere Hide. Following a couple of years with little use, we have had the car re-commissioned with new discs, front suspension bushes, sump gasket, serviced etc so it is ready to be used and enjoyed.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine


Daimler Double Six HE 1990 £ 16, 750
Final phase of the beloved Series 3, the last direct descendant of the original classic XJ which celebrates 50 years since its launch. In its time, these run-out models were produced alongside the more modern (and cheaper) XJ40, so they were only sold in small numbers to purchasers who savoured both the traditional, original styling with specification upgrades and the exquisite V12 engine. Most were exported, and a UK specification car such as this is extremely rare, with just a handful of low mileage cars existing. This ’91 model year Double Six has covered just 38,000 miles since new and boasts a fastidiously kept service history. The book was filled with service stamps by 2009, and there is huge file with invoices and maintenance records bang up to date. The previous owner, to whom we supplied this car requested the replacement of many significant mechanical and perishable items on a precautionary basis so the car could be run ‘for best’ alongside his everyday XJ (owned for 35 years). Finished in Regency Red with Magnolia Hide, this is a fine machine.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine


Jaguar XJ8 Executive 4.0 2000 £11, 750
There can be few cars consistently maintained to this high standard. Despite an exceptionally low mileage of 24,000, this Jaguar has been faithfully returned to the main dealer every year for a service and pre- MOT Jaguar VHC. Consequently, there has never been a mechanical advisory logged on the MOT history, let alone a fail. The service book is stamped right through and previous bills back to the original bill of sale are in a file. New Pirelli tyres have covered just a few hundred miles. We supplied this car previously to the second owner, a knowledgeable, life-long motoring enthusiast who had an array of exotic classics over the decades, and we have just re- acquired it from the Estate following his sad passing. It is finished in the ever popular Pacific Blue with Sand Hide upholstery. Being relatively rare as a standard wheel base 4 litre, this is a fine cruising car in tip- top condition throughout and a unique opportunity to acquire such a fastidiously kept example of this fondly regarded modern classic.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Front Seats   Rear Seats   Engine


Daimler Super V8 2002 £6, 750
Supplied new to a large bank in Scotland, this very unusual and highly specified super-charged V8 was then sold on through RA Creamer to the second owner from whom we acquired it in 2007. Our purchaser, a long term client has owned it for 11 years, maintaining through HA Fox and latterly a known specialist servicing dealer- the service book is full up. The car has received much attention underneath and is recently waxoiled . The mileage has just turned 100,000 and this Daimler both looks and drives very  well. Being a rare, very late production X308, it has the steel- liners and later timing chains. This will suit an owner who will enjoy the distinctiveness of this super-charged V8 which is both striking and possibly unique in Anthracite Black metallic with Charcoal ‘ruched’ Hide and tinted glass which is smoked to the rear. With glistening chrome window surrounds, mirror backings, light surrounds, fluted grilles to front and rear contrasting the deep lustre of its coachwork, this is an awesome looking machine.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Side2   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine


Jaguar XK 5.0 Signature 2014 RESERVED
This exclusive, limited production marks the final departure of the legendary second generation XK run. Apart from the comprehensive standard  package, this particular example comes with extras including 20” Kalimnos  alloy wheels, Bowers and Wilkins premium sound, heated and cooled ‘luxury’ seats etc. Jaguar’s full specification sheet can be e mailed upon request. Finished in Italian Racing Red Metallic with Ivory Hide and Charcoal carpeting, this complements darker grain traditional wood finishes. Just 17,000 miles has been covered from new and there is a supporting file of main dealer file of maintenance. The condition reflects fastidiously careful ownership, and this comes close to the ultimate.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Front Seats   Dash


Jaguar Sovereign 4.2 2004 £ 17, 500
The ultimate  in luxury, this  Sovereign was supplied by Stratstone, Mayfair and spent the majority of its time cocooned in Central London private underground parking until 2015, clocking up just 11,000 miles since new with periodic, stamped main dealer servicing. When the owner passed away, the vehicle was sold through a known marque specialist to the second owner from whom we have now purchased it directly. This gentleman is a long term Jaguar owner and enthusiast who is only parting with this unique car due to emigration. The mileage is now just 18,000 miles since new. Finished in White Onyx with Charcoal ruched Hide, black original lambs’ wool rugs and a deep walnut shade of veneers, this Sovereign features electric rear and side/rear privacy blinds. This is an awesome and most distinctive looking motor car, and must be one of the very lowest mileage  X350 models in existence. Desirable top of the range specification and mint condition-  find me another.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine


Rolls Royce Silver Spirit 2 1990 RESERVED
Values have nudged up in recent years as the crisp lines of the Spirit are becoming admired, and cared for examples have suddenly become rarer. The second generation benefits from  automatic ride control, fuel injection and ABS providing a fine balance of contemporary driving features without compromising the design. This special order car continued to be maintained by the factory for some years for the fastidious first owner, and his observations are recorded on work-sheets in the history file- the car once being returned to Rolls Royce for rectification of a scratched carpet fastener!  Finished in Dark Oyster with Beige Hide piped in Walnut to match carpets, leather top-roll, steering wheel and lambs’ wool over-rugs. Chrome rear quarter badges and gold inlay to the woodwork are lovely features. The mileage is just 33,000 from new, with an excellent history file from factory, main dealer and reputed specialists. Doors close beautifully, the interior is  supple and still smells right- immaculate condition throughout.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine


Jaguar XJ6 3.0 V6 SE 2005 £ 11, 500   LEFT HAND DRIVE 
Registered new in France, this car has been with the last owner since 2007, relocating with it to Switzerland and then UK from2012 when it was registered here. A comprehensive service history with stamped book and invoices has been maintained- usually main dealer, and the present mileage is 70,000 (112,000 km). In the hands of an enthusiast, this is a beautifully kept example which we have now detailed to show condition. Extremely striking in Black with Tan Hide upholstery and full ‘classic’ veneers, this is a very attractive purchase for use or re-registration within Europe due to the pound/Euro exchange, and we can willingly accept Euro payment and possible delivery. Left hand headlamps included with the car.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine


Mercedes Benz  E240 Avantgarde 2000 £5, 500
Harking back to the design classics as it was fashionable for luxury manufacturers to do in the late 1990’s, this generation of E Class will become sought in years to come being remindful of the ‘fin-tail’ generation with their bulbous and characterful frontal styling. Supplied new to the first owner by Alan Day Ltd as the original order and sales invoice state, the full main dealer maintenance switched to Mercedes Benz World when they opened in 2006, and the history file includes all invoices and a stamped service record up to 31,000 miles in 2014, when the car was stored for three years. We purchased directly from the family and have both prepared and detailed the vehicle to showroom condition as befits the car’s low mileage and provenance. Since then we have used the car ourselves covering a further 2,000 miles and new tyres have been recently fitted. Finished in Brilliant Silver Metallic with Grey Fabric.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Front Seats   Engine


Bentley 4.6 Mk 6 1952 £ 49, 995
This astoundingly genuine Bentley remained in the hands of the original family until 2010 and came with an abundance of old paperwork including the original factory order, purchase invoice and correspondence, buff- log book and period photograph copies featuring the car at holiday destinations dating from the 1950’s. Used little but often over the decades, the present mileage is 62,000 from new, and when the family parted with the car, it was completely unmolested, thereby providing the next and last owner the ideal basis to rejuvenate it under our guidance to a near- immaculate standard whilst being mindful not to ‘over- restore’ the vehicle. The faded, original paint was stripped to metal and repainted very well. Some re- chroming was necessary and new door rubbers were painstakingly fitted so the doors still push shut correctly. The interior is beautiful, with woodwork, headlining, carpets and door panels and carpets all original. The leather presented a quandary due to its excellent and supple condition apart from two front sections which were damaged, but years of perseverance were rewarded by the miraculous discovery of an original old- stock Connolly hide in the same colour which has now been expertly trimmed to replace these panels, and it blends with the original beautifully. With the rare and most sought after ‘big bore’ engine and synchromesh gearbox, this car drives with the tightness of a low mileage car which has never suffered neglect. The boot area and under- bonnet area (with original tools and inspection lamps present) is all superb and ready to show. Even the original ‘Gothic’ peak number plates have been dismantled and re-polished with great care. As well as the standard radiator ‘flying B’ mascot, this Bentley comes with a rare Union Jack flag and mast in miniature which was a fashionable accessory for the 1953 Coronation celebration. The ultimate sports saloon in its time, and one which boasts a commanding turn of speed mid- range, this still holds title as the most compact production Bentley so it is a very practical and easily stored classic with huge presence. Finished in Black with Tan Leather .

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Flag      Dash   Engine   Engine2



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