This was spotted by one of my customers, sadly not all my Jaguars have survived to be classics!

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1983 Daimler Double Six Vanden Plas- 69,000 miles


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Bentley Continental GT 2004 £25,750
Despite just 36,000 miles being covered since new, this immaculate example has been serviced 17 times- the service book is full up and even stamped on the covers!
This car has a very interesting history having been purchased new by a small syndicate of three enthusiast owners-all friends, who stored and used it in rotation so the car has remained appreciated when their respective turns came round, and this explains such diligent maintenance so the car’s condition and reliability was never compromised. With burr walnut finishes and refurbished split rim wheels, new premium brand tyres which have only covered 3,000 miles and a recent service, the car wants for nothing. Finished in Dark Sapphire with Saffron Hide, this is a very pleasing example.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Dash   Dash2   Engine


Mercedes Benz SL350 2008 RESERVED
Last of the revered ‘5th’ generation, and the desirable 3.7 litre with 7 speed automatic transmission only offered on the later cars. Importantly, this has the extra cost ‘panoramic’ electric and retractable roof option. The car has been in the same family since almost new and is a pristine example with just 27,000 miles covered with stamped service records- Mercedes main dealer and specialist. The panels are beautifully straight- the interior appearance, touch and smell is just like a new car. Alloy wheels are also refurbished. Finished in the smartest and most classic SL combination Iridium Silver with Black Hide with Grey stitching this car presents no differently to a 2 year old car- the condition is amazing- literally concours.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Front Seats   Dash


Jaguar X Type 2.5 SE AWD Estate 2004 £6, 995
With ‘all-wheel drive’ and petrol specification, these are a refined and good looking option for a practical, luxury estate car. Low mileage examples are increasingly thin on the ground, and there is quite a following for such vehicles. We purchased this pristine example originally from the estate of the first owner and sold it on to the second. We are happy to have just re-acquired it with  36,000 miles covered from new and stamped history. It remains in immaculate order, recently serviced and is finished in stunning Topaz Metallic with Cashmere Hide.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine


Jaguar Sovereign 4.2 (X358) 2007 RESERVED
The ‘face-lift’ model is a rare sight and the last of an XJ which is visually traceable to first of the line in 1968. Initially one of the factory retained cars, it has had two subsequent private owners and has been extremely well looked after. Top of the range X358 Sovereigns are  rare as hens’ teeth and this being an ex-works car has a high specification including long-wheelbase and rear entertainment with dvd players.  Finished in indigo Blue metallic with Cashmere Hide ruched and piped in Tan, it has a smart combination. The supported mileage is 72,000 from new and the overall condition of this example is truly outstanding.  £11,500

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Front Seats   Dash


Jaguar Sovereign 4.0 1989 £9, 995
The much anticipated XJ40 offered revolutionary advances in Jaguar motoring, and their crisp styling is now much appreciated within enthusiast circles. We can vouch for this Sovereign having known the history since new. It was supplied by Chelsea dealer Follett to a lady who resided overseas mostly while this car was stored underground in a carpark adjoining Harrods. We eventually purchased it from the family with just 12,000 miles covered and have supplied it to three subsequent owners. The last owner has just part exchanged the vehicle with us, so it is a pleasure to see it back- pristine as ever and now covered 37,000 miles. There is an abundance of bills and service history. Just serviced, recent premium brand tyres all round with reconditioned alloy wheels and the air conditioning has received extensive work with drier, condenser and compressor all overhauled by an ex- Salmon Davia and Alpinair specialist engineer. Importantly this is first of the revised (Ford era) models retaining the now coveted original shape and featuring the smarter dashboard configuration. Last but not least, this has the smoothest and most refined AJ6 engine of the bunch- the ‘pre cat’ 4 litre with sport mode. Finished in the always popular colour scheme of Regency Red with Doeskin Leather. An immaculate, well specified example.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Front Seats


Jaguar Mark 10  4.2 1965 £42,500
Only a handful in the world left like this, and with restoration costs prohibitive due to the size and quality of these vehicles, the so-so cars are likely to remain that way for the foreseeable future. Once an overlooked model, the Mk 10 holds its own in terms of finishes and presence against the most exotic 60’s luxury saloons and the ride quality is often judged to be markedly superior. These have appreciated nicely over the past decade as the classic car fraternity has  woken up to their attributes. This Mk 10 was sold new to a lady in Grimsby who, in 1971 parted with it to an acquaintance locally and it remained in that family until we bought it from them directly. With 32,000 miles warranted by the family as genuine, the overall integrity and appearance also supports this to be an astonishingly low mileage car. It looks resplendent in pristine Warwick Grey over Masons Black with Maroon hand painted coachline complementing the gorgeous hide upholstery. All woodwork is as new retaining the correct depth of shine- not ruined by being glossy or over-done. Chrome work is beautiful and the engine compartment is a show piece retaining the lovely earlier cam covers. First of the 4.2, the car has the uprated Dunlop brakes and superior Borg-Warner automatic gearbox, but being pre-1966 has the full wood work and nicer chrome early grille. It is the rarest and best derivative. One of the very few low mileage survivors which has been under the radar for 55 years. We are the first dealer to handle this vehicle since it was supplied new. This is the most awesome looking example.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Front Seats   Rear Seats   Engine


Rolls Royce Silver Spirit 2 1990 £29,995
A piece of history that was completed to special order by Rolls Royce in a unique specification for delivery to HR Owen in May 1990. Unregistered for 7 months, we are advised the car was displayed by Rolls Royce at European Motor Shows such as Geneva and Earls Court. Upon eventual registration to HR Owen in January 1991, it was assigned the most prestigious and appropriate registration number imaginable ‘RR 1’. The first private owner resided mainly overseas and arranged to be chauffeur driven in it (we are advised) through Jack Barclay who eventually took the vehicle in part exchange in 2009 with just 8,000 miles covered since new. Until then it had spent most of its time stored correctly. Having been in the hands of enthusiasts since, it has had some P&A Wood servicing and attracted the attention of RREC who have provided written assessments on it for insurance purposes and were clearly impressed by the condition: “ …really a museum piece, a definite for concours” (2012)    “…. must be the lowest mileage example in existence and as such of interest to serious collectors. Quite irreplaceable…”  (2015). Finished in Porcelain White with Dark Blue Hide extending to the dashboard top roll and steering wheel. Seating is piped in white complementing a Marvelon  headlining. Equipped with chromed rear quarter badges, badge bar and fire extinguisher- copies of the original factory build sheets in the history file confirm this is how it left the factory. Coach lines are dark blue and hand painted. To date, the genuine and supported mileage is just 13,000 miles from new and the vehicle has just completed a touring holiday where it was photographed against suitably exotic backdrops. Unrepeatable!

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine


BMW X6  ‘X Drive’ 5.0 2011 £22, 500
A ground breaking model which provided the durability and practicality of SUV motoring in an a sleek, handsome body style which leaned towards the lines of a luxury sports coupe. Accordingly it was marketed as an SAC (sports activity coupe) .This particular example is quite a rarity in the market- firstly being petrol which was seldom ordered on the earlier cars due to the (then) trend for diesel whereas today the more refined petrol versions with ULEZ compliance are much more desirable. Also, the great majority are high mileage and this example has covered a mere 41,000 from new with two owners. Maintenance has been exclusively with BMW agents (9 recorded services- the last in July/ 1,000 miles ago), and we bought this vehicle directly from the owner. Finished in Alpine White with the practical Nappa Black Hide upholstery, this is currently one of the most requested combinations on new cars. So presented in excellent cherished order with its dateless private number plate, Tracker and GEN 3 ceramic paint protection coating carried out by BMW in 2017, this could easily pass as a £50k vehicle, and yet it is on offer for less than half that price.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Front Seats   Rear Seats   Dash


MG TD Midget 1952 £26,500
From the mid 1930’s the ‘T’ Series was a stylish little open tourer offering their lucky owners the best of recreational motoring with practicality. Often finished in brighter colours, they stood out against the black and grey saloons as they roared past with the driver’s hair blowing in the wind. When production picked up again after the war, the re- modelled TD lost little, if any of that charm, though coil sprung front end, rack and pinion steering and a wider track transformed the driving experience.
Having been in America, this car was re- imported in 1990 by JD Classics who stripped and repainted the vehicle, re- chromed it, sympathetically brought the upholstery up to ‘as new’ so it could be entered for shows and concours. A client spotted the car and offered to purchase it from JD for £23,000- possibly a record sum for such a model at the time. Nevertheless JD Classics subsequently wrote to their customer asking for first refusal to buy it back for the full price- the letter is still with the history. He declined and went on to enjoy the car owning it until last year. Although the client lived in Belgium the MG was stored professionally in the UK with Italia-Autosport and has been used for just a couple of journeys per year. However, the stack of bills with it show that it received an annual check-up, service and rectification of any required jobs.
At the time of the JD Classics acquisition, the car recorded 27,000 miles and has covered around 2,000 more since. Having examined the underside, panel fit etc and considering the absolutely tight and rattle-free manner in which it handles, this TD has never been anything but a cherished example from its early life, and obviously low mileage. Finished in an attractive pillar-box red with lovely Tan Upholstery and matching weather gear, this car is ready to be enjoyed by its next owner.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Side2   Front Seats   Dash    Engine


Honda FRV 1.8i VTEC 2009 RESERVED
A revised last generation model which adopted the 'Civic' engine configuration in the petrol version, this is a 5 speed automatic. The car was registered new as a Honda dealer demonstrator which was sold after 6 weeks to the first
and only private owner. Servicing has remained exclusively with the supplying Honda agent and the mileage is 39,000 since new which is pretty low for a compact MPV.  Despite the considerable loading capacity within this vehicle,
and being a proper six-seater, it has only had light, private use with the prime motivation for ownership being the comfort and seating position suiting the lady driver who has only disposed of this Honda having given up driving.
Finished in Alabaster Silver metallic with the Tan full leather option and all in stunning condition with recently refurbished alloy wheels 

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine


Audi S4 Cabriolet 2004 RESERVED
Arguably the prettiest shape of a line which has been running almost 30 years. The third generation was produced for just 2 years so it may be a classic for the future, especially this being first of the four seater Cabriolets. Also significant was the introduction of the 4.2 V8 litre engine mated to the 6-speed manual gearbox. This car goes like a rocket. Taken in part exchange, it has been a diligently maintained vehicle as a big file of servicing history supports which even includes the original delivery invoice. Finished in Brilliant Red with Nappa Black leather- both in near pristine condition. Alloys have also been refurbished and tyres all excellent. Enthusiast owned and in lovely condition- inside, out and underneath.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Side2   Front Seats   Dash   Engine


Jaguar XK8 4.0 2002 RESERVED
It is hard to imagine this model not following the footsteps of previous Jaguar sports cars and becoming a serious collectors’ item in the future. Priced have just started to harden from ridiculous lows a couple of years ago, so that process may be underway. Indeed the inspired E Type frontal aspect is instantly recognisable as pure Jaguar and is likely to be more and more admired as time goes by. Taken back in part exchange, we supplied this car to a client (of 27 years standing) 9 years ago, who has just taken delivery of her 4th Jaguar sports car from us. It benefitted from new premium brand tyres and reconditioned gearbox in the recent past and has been maintained by a well known Jaguar specialist who we also know and deal with. Prior to that, it had complete main dealer history. Finished in Talisman Silver with Cream Hide and ‘classic’ wood finishes, the car presents extremely well having been brought back to show condition. The distinctive ‘XK’ registration number would seem coincidental having been issued to the car new.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Front Seats   Rear Seats


Jaguar XK 4.2 Coupe 2006 RESERVED
First of the revolutionary Callum design which is already a modern classic in its own right. We purchased this directly from the second owner, and having just clicked over 40,000 miles it has an excellent main dealer service record from new. Following the last service, there were no faults noticed on the health check but a couple of advisories which the owner subsequently instructed Jaguar to rectify, so the car comes with a reassuringly clean bill of health. Finished in Liquid Silver with Warm Charcoal hide, this is a stunning example.

Front   Front2   Front3   Rear   Side   Front Seats   Dash


Jaguar X Type 2.0 V6 ‘S’ 2005 £6, 995
These are beautifully appointed, and refreshingly uncomplicated- an ideal daily driver or one to polish up and cherish. This is a time-warp example being registered to just one owner since new and having covered only 15,000 miles. Despite such sparing use it has been returned to the main dealer every year and serviced- the book has almost run out of spaces for stamps! Interestingly, 30% of its total mileage was covered last year so the future owner has the reassurance that the cobwebs are blown through, and could therefore put it to more use with confidence. The car is lovely underneath- the engine bay like new. Finished in immaculate Carnival Red Metallic with pristine Cream Upholstery, this is a fantastic buy.

Front   Front2   Rear   Rear2   Side   Rear Seats   Dash


Jaguar S Type 3.4 1966 RESERVED
We first supplied this car 34 years ago to the Ex-President of The Jaguar Drivers’ Club and it went to win concours awards. In 1992, it was used on the front cover of Classic and Sportscar and a feature within. The car has been fastidiously kept over the years with both an engine rebuild (for precautionary purposes) and a back to metal repaint carried out some years ago (through ourselves) but with around 20,000 miles covered since and fastidious garaging, it remains in show condition. The largely original interior is exceptional, the brightwork excellent. Over the past 6 years, some continental touring has been covered driving to The South of France and around 2,000 miles in Sweden- it is one of the tightest, most responsive classic Jaguars we have driven. In 2015 the car was surveyed by renowned ex- Coombes marque afficionado Ken Bell and his report is with the history file. The mileage is 77,000 from new. It is manual with overdrive- being a 1966 it benefits from the later synchromesh gearbox, but is pre- quality cutbacks which came the following year. Finished in Sherwood Green with Suede Green Hide, this S -Type is one of the very best out there and it looks stunning in this period colour scheme.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash   Dash2   Engine


Jaguar XJ8 4.2 SE 2003 RESERVED
This is a rare specification, and all the more sought after for it: Being a 4.2 litre (non-supercharged), it cruises beautifully, yet produces similar MPG to the more plentiful 3 litres. As a standard wheel-base, it goes extremely well. It is ULEZ exempt and slots in to the cheaper road tax bracket. We supplied this car to the 3rd  owner 4 years ago delivering to Wales ‘sight-unseen’ and it remains in fantastic condition in all respects- a  truly exceptional specimen which has covered 61,000 miles. It has been exclusively main dealer maintained (14 stamps) and a major service performed by Stratstone within the last 1,000 miles, and their approved ‘health-check’ is entirely clear. For many years prior, the servicing was with Creamer- the small, select Kensington main dealer used by The Royal Household who also supplied it- this Jaguar has wanted for nothing. Finished in Zircon Blue with Sand Hide, there many refinements being an ‘SE’ and one in this condition would be difficult to find again.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine


Daimler Super Eight 2005 RESERVED
Once Jaguar had acquired the Daimler Motor Company in 1960, the name became synonymous with the most prestigious and well finished version of Jaguar’s flagship saloon, and as time progressed the difference between Jaguar and Daimler finishes became more pronounced. So the final shape to carry the Daimler name (the X350-358 range) is the ultimate. Specifications are a world apart, and owing to a huge premium price new, Daimlers are now very rare. This particular example has a very well stamped service history and covered 65,000 miles from new. Added to  picnic tables, electric privacy blind, wool- over-rugs, ruched hide with piping and ‘D’ logos set in to the head-rests, veneers with gold inlay etc, this has the split rear seat so it is even more sumptuous. Mechanically, they are essentially XJR supercharged, but with comfort suspension- it is hard to imagine a superior motorway car, and in town or on country roads they are surprisingly manoeuvrable and a joy to drive. Finished in Indigo Blue with Cream Leather, we first purchased this car back in 2013 from a main dealer and sold it to a regular customer.  A modern classic in the making and very useable indeed.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Dash   Rear Seats    Engine


Bentley Arnage R 2004 RESERVED
This is a very rare version, and all the more appealing by its combination of sought after credentials. The car is a Mulliner specification- bespoke as they were, but typically commanding a £10,000 premium for features such as chrome grille, rear picnic tables, pillar lights, umbrellas, cross-branded door rails and Bentley motifs to the upholstery which this car has. Just 56 cars were produced (LHD/RHD combined) in the ‘run-out’ of the original Arnage design which is ‘the one to have’ benefiting from the later, more durable head gasket arrangement whilst retaining the stately and classic front headlight configuration which surrendered to less attractive modernisation later that year. The ‘R’ suffix denotes the luxury package which is more in keeping to uphold the Mulliner image with comfort suspension, yet it whooshes along with Garrett T3 turbochargers which were introduced for this variant. This particular example, the 11th from last is a show piece with the very rare electric sunroof option. The second owner (from 2007) sold privately to the third 4 years ago and straight away the car was uplifted from its already outstanding condition to virtual concours. The Silver Tempest coachwork is immaculate, and even the underside was meticulously cleaned down prior to the anti-corrosion treatments being re-applied. There are even some ‘extra extras’ such as both full spare and space-saver and bespoke, tailored wool carpets to protect the factory originals. Maintained by a well-known specialist with supporting history and stamps from day 1, the mileage is 64,000- this car drives and rides as it should. The sumptuous Cream Mulliner specified upholstery is testament to a very cherished example, and all bright work and trim is immaculate.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine


Mercedes Benz C180 Classic 2004 £3,750
We were pleased to take this wonderfully kept example in part exchange from the first and only lady owner against a later Mercedes model.  Barely ‘run in’  for a Benz at 73,000 miles, a fastidiously kept file comes with it commencing with the original purchase order and charting the history  throughout the car’s life right up to the most recent servicing bill and MOT. The service book is also diligently stamped.  This car drives little different to how it would have when delivered, and its Travertine coachwork is cherished. Bright work, Champagne Leather and all interior trim looks and smells factory fresh- the boot area and engine bay pristine.- Being a later W203 it  benefits from the factory’s tightening on quality control which marred the earlier examples, so this would make an ideal daily driver or modern classic to show.

Front   Front2   Front3   Rear   Front Seats   Dash   Engine



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