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1976 Daimler 4.2 Coupe  Stunning rebuild-29,000 miles
1965 Ford Mustang 260 V8  Award winner, 70,000 miles
2008 Jaguar Sovereign 4.2  78,000 miles with FJSH
1990 Volkswagen Golf GTI  Just 23,000 miles, FSH


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Jaguar XJS V12 HE Cabriolet 1986 £ 18, 750
A hardening of values is underway, though the cars still seem good value, This super low mileage  cabriolet differs from the coupe which had already been running for a decade. The advantages of the ‘cab’ are clear because they offer both refined, fully enclosed driving with their ‘targa’ style panels in place, and the joy of a convertible when removed. With or without the roof, this XJS model looks and feels exotic . The experience could only be let down by buying a tired example, and this is not one of those. The same gentleman owned this car from new- initially his personal company car, it was semi-retired for pleasure motoring from 1995. We purchased the car directly from the owner and it comes with a huge file of service history going back to day one; thus confirming the mileage of 35,000 since new. This car has never been damaged or restored inside or out as verified by the owner in writing, so the provenance is reassuring. The two important factory recalls from the 1980’s were also carried out. Rarest of the breed and with huge advantages, these Cabriolets appear inexpensive against an SL, for example and this has to be one of the best. Even the colour combination is lovely in Claret with Magnolia.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Dash   Dash2

Jaguar Sovereign 3.0 2006 Reserved
With Jaguar’s smooth and trusty petrol V6 in the standard wheel base body, this is a rare opportunity to purchase a very low mileage example. It is finished in Dark Indigo Blue with soft Ivory ruched Hide piped in Sable, and this fine Jaguar boasts ten main dealer services, the last of which was carried out just 300 miles ago this year by Guy Salmon. Having a total mileage of just 27,000 since new, the condition of this vehicle is exemplary. A very appealing purchase of a traditional shape XJ with low mileage and a very sought specification.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash

Jaguar S Type 3.4 1966 Reserved
Retaining the legendary curved frontal aspect of a 60’s Jag, the refined ‘S’ model has all synchromesh manual and overdrive, independent rear suspension (as with the E Type), reclining seats and improved heating over the more basic the Mk 2.  This is one of the lowest mileage examples to come to the market with just 43,000 covered since new, and remarkable aspects of originality, especially with its interior which support the way this car has been cared for. After the first owner passed away in the late 1980’s the car was disposed of via his housekeeper to her brother in law, a Jaguar enthusiast who owned it until our recent acquisition via his neighbour. The engine has been rebuilt and beautifully detailed at a cost of approximately £6,000, which is now run- in, with many bushes and perishables also changed underneath. The bodywork is blemish- free and presents to show standard, as does the chrome work and boot area. The interior boasts excellent original leather, superb wood work, door panels etc. Wilton style over- carpets have been tailored to protect the originals. This is a really top example finished in lovely Opalescent Dark Green with Suede Green Hide.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Side2   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine


Bentley Turbo RL 1997 £27, 995
Penny wise is pound foolish with the purchase of a Bentley, and this offers an extremely rare opportunity to  reap the rewards of previous maintenance which is beyond fastidious. During the past seven years, £39,679 has been lavished on the vehicle through renowned RR and Bentley dealership P & A Wood, with no excuse made for second best or compromise as the vast file of paperwork supports. Driving or being driven in this Bentley provides the proper experience, and all cosmetic aspects from bodywork, bright work and interior go hand in glove with the exemplary mechanical record. Finished in Silver Pearl with Spruce Hide upholstery and Cirrus Grey Leather headlining, the total mileage is just 36,000 from new.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine


Wolseley 18-85 1970 Reserved
Fondly remembered, the Alec Issignossis’ designed large ‘land crab’ saloons still enjoy a loyal following for their ingenious use of space and comfortable hydro elastic ride. Being the upper-market Wolseley version, this is the most sought after with its important looking front grille (and badge to light up) and deep ‘Chippendale’ style polished wooden dashboard with door cappings. This has manual transmission and rare, desirable power steering. Supplied new in The ‘salt-free’ Isle of Man, the original owner passed the car to his brother in the late 1980’s with 28,000 miles covered, and it was then retained in dry storage until 2005. The car was recommissioned for its return to the road and has covered 10,000 miles since bringing the current total to just 38,000. The condition is exemplary and as testament to this, the car was awarded a tankard at the recent BMC and BL event at Gaydon which celebrated the 50th anniversary of the range, despite the car not officially being entered for concours!  Finished in Teal Blue with Blue- Grey vinyl, this must be about the best of its kind.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash


Jaguar S Type 2.5 SE V6 2003 Reserved
Arguably the best model being second generation; thus having the plusher interior with more wood and revised, higher quality instrumentation with electronic handbrake, but retaining the prettier original rear body styling and light clusters. Features include navigation and wood-rim steering wheel. We purchased this car directly from the original owner with a genuine mileage of 19,000 since new. Unfailingly, this car has been serviced by the suppling main dealer every year and health- checked. Both invoice copies and the stamped service record are present. Finished in Zircon Blue with ivory Hide, this is absolutely mint condition example with everything in its favour and the most reassuring credentials.  One to be used and enjoyed, or put away as a budding classic, this is extraordinary value.

Front   Front2   Front3   Rear   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine  


Mercedes Benz  E240 Avantgarde 2000 £6, 250
Harking back to the design classics as it was fashionable for luxury manufacturers to do in the late 1990’s, this generation of E Class will become sought in years to come being remindful of the ‘fin-tail’ generation with their bulbous and characterful frontal styling. Supplied new to the first and only owner by Alan Day Ltd as the original order and sales invoice state, the full main dealer maintenance switched to Mercedes Benz World when they opened in 2006, and the history file includes all invoices and a stamped service record up to 31,000 miles in 2014, when the car was stored for three years. We purchased directly from the family and have both prepared and detailed the vehicle to showroom condition as befits the car’s low mileage and provenance. Finished in Brilliant Silver Metallic with Grey Fabric.

Front   Front2   Front3   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Front Seats   Engine


Jaguar XJ8 Executive 4.0 2000 £11, 750
There can be few cars consistently maintained to this high standard. Despite an exceptionally low mileage of 24,000, this Jaguar has been faithfully returned to the main dealer every year for a service and pre- MOT Jaguar VHC. Consequently, there has never been a mechanical advisory logged on the MOT history, let alone a fail. The service book is stamped right through and previous bills back to the original bill of sale are in a file. New Pirelli tyres have covered just a few hundred miles. We supplied this car previously to the second owner, a knowledgeable, life-long motoring enthusiast who had an array of exotic classics over the decades, and we have just re- acquired it from the Estate following his sad passing. It is finished in the ever popular Pacific Blue with Sand Hide upholstery. Being relatively rare as a standard wheel base 4 litre, this is a fine cruising car in tip- top condition throughout and a unique opportunity to acquire such a fastidiously kept example of this fondly regarded modern classic.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Front Seats   Rear Seats   Engine


Daimler V8 4.0 1999 Reserved
Top of the range in its time, and sadly a marque which is now consigned to history despite being favoured by Royalty and Governments alike. This particular car, which we supplied to the last owner four years ago is in exceptionally good shape with 61,000 documented miles covered from new. Most importantly, replacement, upgraded timing chains and tensioners (as recommended by Jaguar for all X308 (pre 2003) models) was carried out by a main dealer at a cost of £1,300. The colour scheme is exceptionally smart in Titanium with Ivory Hide piped in Sable which picks out the high- grade classic wood veneers (including picnic tables) to great effect. This Daimler has been enjoyed as a prestigious, budding classic and the cars are becoming rare in this condition .

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Side2   Rear Seats   Rear Seats2   Dash   Engine


Bentley 4.6 Mk 6 1952 £ 49, 995
This astoundingly genuine Bentley remained in the hands of the original family until 2010 and came with an abundance of old paperwork including the original factory order, purchase invoice and correspondence, buff- log book and period photograph copies featuring the car at holiday destinations dating from the 1950’s. Used little but often over the decades, the present mileage is 62,000 from new, and when the family parted with the car, it was completely unmolested, thereby providing the next and last owner the ideal basis to rejuvenate it under our guidance to a near- immaculate standard whilst being mindful not to ‘over- restore’ the vehicle. The faded, original paint was stripped to metal and repainted very well. Some re- chroming was necessary and new door rubbers were painstakingly fitted so the doors still push shut correctly. The interior is beautiful, with woodwork, headlining, carpets and door panels and carpets all original. The leather presented a quandary due to its excellent and supple condition apart from two front sections which were damaged, but years of perseverance were rewarded by the miraculous discovery of an original old- stock Connolly hide in the same colour which has now been expertly trimmed to replace these panels, and it blends with the original beautifully. With the rare and most sought after ‘big bore’ engine and synchromesh gearbox, this car drives with the tightness of a low mileage car which has never suffered neglect. The boot area and under- bonnet area (with original tools and inspection lamps present) is all superb and ready to show. Even the original ‘Gothic’ peak number plates have been dismantled and re-polished with great care. As well as the standard radiator ‘flying B’ mascot, this Bentley comes with a rare Union Jack flag and mast in miniature which was a fashionable accessory for the 1953 Coronation celebration. The ultimate sports saloon in its time, and one which boasts a commanding turn of speed mid- range, this still holds title as the most compact production Bentley so it is a very practical and easily stored classic with huge presence. Finished in Black with Tan Leather .

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Flag      Dash   Engine   Engine2


Jaguar X Type 2.5 Sport 2002 Reserved
 Extensively publicised in its time, this unique ‘Michael Owen’ special was produced by Jaguar for the legendary England footballer’s personal use in Phoenix ‘Liverpool’ Red and Ivory Hide with red stitching. Michael Owen’s signature was laser printed at Jaguar to both the rear window and bird’s eye maple dashboard and the unique chromed ‘football’ gear knob commissioned by Jaguar bears the . player’s name and his shirt number 10. The car was subsequently donated for Sotheby’s charity auction where ferocious bidding far exceeded its original list price, and remarkably, the new owner then released the car to ‘The Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club’  so it could be raffled, again for charity. Ever since, this famous Jaguar has been privately owned and remains in outstanding condition with 35,000 miles covered since new. The car’s provenance includes numerous associated press articles and one of Michael Owen’s football boots. In addition to being a practical and economical prestige saloon, this is a unique, one- off investment opportunity appealing to enthusiast collectors of both Jaguar cars and football memorabilia. Since acquiring this car directly from the previous owner, we have prepared it to show condition.

Front   Rear   Side   Side2   Signed Dash   Dash2   Chrome Football Gear Knob


Jaguar XJ8 SE 3.2 2002 Reserved
The condition of this particular car is just exceptional. The second owner purchased it as a retirement gift almost new and had it meticulously maintained by Jaguar. We acquired the car directly from the owner and since then, it has been known to us- we supplied it to the last owner and carried out the last service. As a very late example of the X308 shape, the later timing chains are fitted and the engine has steel liners- the total mileage is 62,000 from new with a well stamped service record. Finished in Zircon Blue with Barley Hide piped, it would be difficult to source an XJ that would equal this condition.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Side2   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine


Jaguar XJ6 4.2 1971 Reserved
A huge history file charts the extraordinary story of this low mileage ‘Series One’. For most of its early life, it was in the hands of a titled owner (with interesting Royal connections) and when eventually disposed of, a subsequent owner was approached for the vehicle to be featured in Jaguar Cars own calendar (two copies included with the file) In 1994 the car was retailed by a Jaguar main dealer who were displaying it in their showroom; this is testament to the car’s condition. The car was sold on again in 2011 to the last owner who shipped  it to Hong Kong where it was used and kept for four years. During its time there, the engine was stripped and rebuilt on a precautionary basis (equivalent £6.000 bill included in the file) and air conditioning fitted, which in appearance resembles the ‘Delanair’ systems installed in the 70’s period.  Of further note, the car has original ‘powerglide’ windows, head restraints, properly working period music system, roof ariel  and later rear seat belts. This fine Jaguar returned to England last year and we have maintained it for the owner in his absence and recently purchased it from him. Finished in Dark Blue with Grey Leather, the mileage is exceptionally well substantiated at 41,000 since new and this XJ6 remains in outstanding order.  One of the nicest remaining Series One Jaguars in a dream specification with a great history and the benefit of a nicely ‘run- in’ engine rebuild 4,000 miles ago.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine   Calendar


Mercedes Benz C320 Avantgarde 2001 £ 1, 995
Attractively finished in Ultraviolet with Dove Grey Hide, this car has been in the hands of the original family (father and daughter) since new and has covered 70,000 miles. Complete with stamped service record and all handbooks, the car drives and presents very well.

Front   Front2   Front3   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash


Jaguar XJ8 3.2 Executive 2000 £ 8, 995
Briefly a Jaguar demonstrator before being sold it to the first and only private owner, this fastidiously kept, local example has covered just 35,000 miles since new with an excellent supporting history file. With all the expected refinements and luxurious touches, the car is driving beautifully with both interior and exterior in immaculate order, and we acquired it directly from the family so can verify the provenance. Finished in Pacific Blue coachwork with Ivory Hide and ‘classic’ veneers.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine


Jaguar XKR 4.2 Convertible 2005 Reserved
One of the final run of ‘classic’ shape XK models, and the most sought after combination for enthusiast owners. As long predicted, these cars have recently crept in price, though it is still possible to buy near the bottom of the curve. However, pristine, low mileage examples such as this are dwindling in numbers as the cars are so enjoyable and practical to use. Finished in Bay Blue with Ivory ‘Classic’ Hide and Navy stitching- added features include CATS suspension, Brembo brakes, navigation, 20” wheels with chrome embellishers, this was Jaguar’s own fleet car, then two owners since- the previous purchasing from main dealer Lancaster in 2014. With just 41,000 miles covered from new, this is a beautifully cared for Jaguar sports car with a fully stamped specialist and dealer service record also has supporting bill copies.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Dash   Engine


Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk 2 1991 £ 10, 750
Being in regular use for much of its time with a titled Lady owner, this remained an exceptionally sound and genuine vehicle which was then stored for some years. It was then purchased by an enthusiast who stripped and rebuilt this GTI to showroom condition for the pleasure of doing so, and he devoted some 1,000 hours to the project. It was stripped to its sound metal including the engine compartment and repainted by the coachworks we use. Meanwhile the engine was also rebuilt by a reputed VW specialist, ‘The Engine Shop’ and has since been fully run- in;  there is some outstanding warranty. The history file is enormous with both early, original documentation and recent parts bills. The standard of perfection to the finest detail and the authenticity of finish is astonishing- this is one of those cars which needs to be seen to be believed. VW’s rare Votex styling package, 15” BBS wheels, ‘Bee Sting’ Ariel, golf ball gear knob, black arch and sill trims, Hella fog lights and power steering. The car has never been shown, and is unquestionably a high-level concours contender. Finished in Alpine White with classic  Ultraviolet trim.

Front   Front2   Front3   Rear   Dash   Engine


Jaguar XKR Coupe (2007 model) 2006 Reserved
First of the highly regarded ‘X150’ second generation models, and a prime example. The second owner, from whom we acquired the vehicle directly purchased almost new with just 4,000 miles, and today it has covered just 35,000 miles in total- mainly long distance touring. Despite such little use, the car has faithfully returned to the supplying dealer (HA Fox) with ten stamped services, the last in December (with no faults or advisories noted on the Jaguar health-check). From the original purchase invoice on, there is a superb file of paperwork with every bill and MOT certificate which provides complete reassurance. Finished in Liquid Silver with Ivory hide and rarer, desirable ‘classic veneers’. The condition of this car is outstanding and the XKR number plate is included.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Dash   Dash2


Jaguar X Type Estate 2.5 SE 2007 £ 6, 995
One of the rarer, and much more sought after petrol all-wheel drive with the more luxurious ‘classic’ upholstery. Finished in Artic Blue with Cashmere Hide, the service record is second to none with 11 stamps (and supporting invoices). Just 54,000 miles has been covered since new. In near to pristine order, we sold this car last summer to a family from Australia for European touring, and 7,000 miles has been covered faultlessly.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine


Jaguar XJ6 4.2 1983 £ 11, 995
First of a later generation of Series Three with superior quality control as Jaguar prepared for privatisation, noticeable features include the extra wood work, wider seat pleating and revised cooling system. This particular example has been known to us for many years and we supplied it to the last owner four years ago with warranted, supported mileage of just 14,000. Since then the car relocated to Belgium and has been driven extensively including two trips to Austria and the mileage is now 29,000 from new. Finished in Rhodium Silver with Navy Blue Hide,  the car looks smart on pepperpot wheels and is desirable with air conditioning. In all respects, this car is in outstanding condition, the interior particularly is the nicest we have seen for some time.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine


MGF 1.8 VVC 1996 Reserved
These charming modern classics are today’s bargain priced roadsters, but as ever it is essential to search out the very best example. The preservation of this particular car is owed mainly to the second owner who purchased from a main dealer. It has been used sparingly, but regularly as the MOT history supports,  so the present mileage is just 25,000 since new. A point of interest with this car is a collection of 17 MG rally attendance plaques from 1999- 2014  which demonstrate this long term owner’s genuine enthusiasm for the vehicle and MG’s generally. Additional benefits with this car include an attractive dateless number plate, hard top and short- shift manual gearbox adaption. The cam belt has been renewed on a precautionary basis along with a later gasket conversion by a known specialist. Finished in Flame Red with complementary trim, these are the desired ‘MG’ colours. Immaculate throughout.

Front   Front2   Front3   Rear   Rear2   Dash   MG Club Information


Jaguar XJ6 3.0 V6 SE 2004 £ 11, 500
In the hands of one lady owner for all but 10 months of its life, this well documented, low mileage X350 has a most unusually high specification including heated front seats, electric rear privacy blind, navigation, front and rear cup holders, wood-rim steering wheel and 19” custom alloy wheels and mesh grille. Finished in Midnight Black with Sand Classic Hide and Burr-Walnut Veneers, this is a really smart looking machine. With just 40,000 miles covered from new, this would be difficult to repeat.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine


Jaguar X Type 2.5 Estate 2005 £ 7, 500
Very attractive as a ‘sport’ in Anthracite with Ebony Hide and ‘piano black’ veneers. A sought after model in automatic with AWD, this car boasts a very complete stamped service record with the supplying Jaguar main dealer annually for the first owner (until 2015), then with the specialist supplying dealer for the second. We purchased directly from the owner and the mileage is genuine at 41,000 since new. This X Type has obviously been treated with care throughout its time with near immaculate presentation inside and out. A popular choice for their practicality with compact dimensions, low mileage, high specification petrol examples such as this are superb value, and supplies will inevitably dry up as Jaguar did not produce a superseding compact model.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine


Jaguar S Type 2.7 TDI 2004 Reserved
As taken in part exchange against a newer S Type,  this Jaguar is a great value run-around in clean condition. Although high mileage (131,000), it has been used more extensively in recent times and maintained very well through a well-regarded Jaguar specialist. Recently MOT’d with no advisories. Finished in Liquid Silver with Tan Hide.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash


Jaguar Mk 2 1959-1968  Reserved
A complete set of original leather seats which were removed from an excellent, low mileage car. They have the rear folding tables, the hide has been fed while in storage and we have lightly re- conollised the facings to rejuvenate the colour. Very rare indeed in this condition.

Seats1   Seats2   Seats3   Seats4   Seats5



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