Tartu mnt 16 Apartments


Each Tartu mnt 16 apartment is genuinely spacious offering our guests and clients at least 30% more square meters over market value!

Tartu mnt 16 has the unusual advantage of having both residential and commercial use and these apartments are suitably equipped for both. Furnishings and decor has been selected by the owner and interior designer Heidi Hendriksson to ensure that both one and two bedroom apartments offer sufficient formality for business meetings without sacrificing the warmth and personality of a home. Built in workstations, for example were specially hand made to achieve this balance.

Much care and enthusiasm has gone into presentation of these apartments with the latest technological equipment and luxurious furnishings (mainly imported from Italy and Spain). Each room is decorated with original works of art or signed limited edition prints by well known local artists or imported from Southern France.

The location of Tartu mnt 16 is extremely central (please click on Amenities Button above) but it is sufficiently distanced from the 'Old Town' so as not to be affected by parking restrictions, noise from night clubs etc. The apartment building was constructed in 2002/3 by Skanska, so it benefits from the quality associated with this renowned company, so it benefits from entirely modern heating, drainage etc. Maintenance is attended to by an on site manager.


There is always a healthy supply of Taxis to greet flights and ferries. Simply ask to be taken to 'Stockmann' then point to be dropped at the entrance of the distinctive black and white Tartu mnt 16 building across the road. 'Robert Hughes Investments' wall plaque is adjacent to the main entrance.

Please click to see photo's and specifications of these apartments

Please click to see photo's and specifications of these apartments