Robert Hughes History

Robert Hughes started trading in obsolete 'Automobilia' part time in 1979 while studying and the business took off when the concept of selling current literature in quantity for investment was introduced.

Following redundancy as an Estate Agent in 1983 the mail order concern was sold to fund dealing in cars, mainly British Leyland products such as the Austin Allegro. The operation became a bulk sales business with up to twelve cars retailed per week. Aside from this though, Robert Hughes had a Jaguar or two which were special cars prepared for the discerning customer. When a Hughes prepared Mark 2 received a concours placing in 1985, focus shifted then shifted to Jaguar.

The booming 'Classic Car' market of the late 1980's is well known and the business was glad to be riding the wave. A softening in demand from investors was detected by mid 1990 so the business began exporting later prestige cars to The Far East usually on a sight unseen basis with the existing clients providing references to other interested parties. After 1992, legislation changes reduced the viability of this market so the emphasis switched back to the home market with supplying older Jaguars to businesses who benefited under company car schemes.

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